Our future plans

The way in which social care services are provided in England is changing rapidly. The introduction of “Personalisation” is driving a model of social care where the individual is in control and at the centre of the services they receive.

This is the only type of service that About Me delivers. Our future plans are all geared towards expanding, giving more people with a sensory impairment greater choice and control over the delivery of their social care services.

We currently work in more than 40 local authority areas across England. We are keen to both increase the number of people that we serve in these areas as well as expanding the geographical reach of About Me.

We are particularly keen to further increase the number of people we serve who have a sensory impairment with additional needs. We can offer alternatives to traditional services which enable people to remain in their local area and get involved with their communities. By providing the appropriate care and support, we can meet the individual’s needs and together work towards achieving their aspirations.

We are proud of the customer focused, personalised services that About Me delivers. However, we know and understand that striving for total customer satisfaction and perfection in service delivery is a journey that never ends. We will be undertaking annual reviews of our services to identify sucesses and areas where we want to improve or enhance our service offering. Development plans will be largely based on the experiences, feedback and wishes of our customers. Everyone who uses our services, and when appropriate their family and friends, will be given the opportunity to tell us what has worked well, citing areas for improvement and opportunities that would benefit our customers in the future.

Keeping our organisation’s focus on the customer is the only way that we can continually improve and is integral to our success.