Why Train?


All businesses and service providers are required by law to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ so that disabled people are not treated less favorably than anyone else. The Department of Health also issued policy guidance which recommends that all Local Authorities should identify deafblind people in their area, assess their needs and organise the necessary support that they require.

By training, you could gain a greater understanding about sight and hearing loss, as well as an insight into the challenges faced by deafblind people. You could also gain the skills to better communicate with a deafblind person and how to safely guide them.

As a result of your training and assistance, a deafblind person may:

Gain the opportunity to communicate more easily

Be given the freedom to get out and about more often

Have more confidence to participate in community life

Get easier access to social care services, healthcare, shops etc.


For a more detailed insight from our Training Officer, please see HERE.