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An Update on Daniel’s Story

Daniel Walsh

Previously, Daniel visited Blackpool. After a recent trip to Tenerife, we received the following update from Daniel himself:

“On October the 3rd 2014 I arrived at Newcastle Upon Tyne airport and met with Tegwen Morris and Olu Agbi who were my Support Workers for the next 12 days.  We were going to Adeje, Tenerife on my holiday.

When I’m at home I receive support from About Me to go into the community and socialise. I regularly go to the cinema and to Sunderland Deaf Club, but I had been saving some of my hours in order to go on my holiday without my Mum and Dad,  and now the time had arrived.

We checked in, waited in the Departure Lounge and finally boarded the plane and relaxed into our seats for the flight ahead. We arrived in Tenerife and were guided to our bus which took us to our hotel.  Our apartment was on the ground floor overlooking the shopping precinct but more importantly the sun was out and it was hot.

As we were looking around the hotel complex I was informed about activities which were available, table tennis, billiards, aqua exercise, diving lessons and evening entertainment.

At food times I was given a large choice, and I tried lots of new foods and was able to have as much as I wanted.  At every opportunity I was informed of what was going on, given choices of where I wanted to sit, what I wanted to drink and eat.  I was included in conversations with everyone and met lots of people some form Durham, Hull, Glasgow and Middlesborough.

Mornings were spent sightseeing the neighbourhood and the local beaches; I even went paddling in the sea.  During the afternoons I would go swimming and sit by the pool.  I was a little nervous of the water at first but with the support of a float and my support worker I was able to relax in the water.  During a personal one-to-one session with the lifeguard I was also able to float in the pool on my own.


The evening entertainment at the hotel ranged from people singing, dancing, parrots doing tricks, gymnasts, belly dancers and even wild bird displays.  I was allowed to hold two parrots and have my photo taken, and even a wild kestrel landed on the back of my chair during its flight.

On our last night in Tenerife we took a trip in a taxi to Palas De Americas.  We went for a Chinese curry and went to watch the dancing fountain show.

I had a really good time on my holiday with plenty to eat, drink and lots of activities.  I was allowed to make my own decisions, try new things and experience as much of Tenerife as it was possible.  I hope to have another holiday next year.”