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Andrew’s story

Andrew is in his late 60’s. He is a profoundly deaf sign language user and registered blind. As many Support Workers know, he is often hesitant about spending time in the outside world. But once out there he displays quite an astonishing knowledge of the things around him and the transport system in his vicinity. The first time we wanted to come back from Sainsbury’s on the bus Andrew correctly waved off two or three buses before selecting the correct one.

Andrew also enjoys using controlled crossings. He always likes to press the button which connects to the traffic lights. With full concentration he focuses his limited sight on the traffic light opposite and as soon as it turns to green Andrew is away. Unfortunately, his walking speed is quote slow so it can be difficult to get across the road before the lights change and Andrew’s Support Worker will then guide him safely across.

Andrew used to like making the journey to Sainsbury’s on his own but he had the misfortune of getting lost on the pedestrian section in the middle of the road. The police did see him walking backwards and forwards looking for a way cross the road and took him home by car. Since then he has been accompanied to the shops by his Support Workers.