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John’s Story


John Anstey is an About Me customer who often writes to us with updates about his life. Here we are happy to share John’s experiences.

“My First story is about going to church one Sunday a month with my carer, where I have visited the same church through growing up. When I am in the service I am cut off from everything; I only  pick up words being said, but hear noise with my cochlear implant so  it does help. Also I cannot see to read  the books, so I stand and sit when required and relax with all the others. Everyone wants to help me when they notice me with my red and white cane. I always enjoy going to church so much.  Afterwards my carer and I go for a walk outside which I also enjoy.

My next Story is about shopping. Firstly I go shopping  for  food in a very big supermarket with my carer one day a week;  I use a big shopping  trolley that I  push and my carer guides me around the store looking at the shelves for the foods I need. When the shopping  trolley is full and I have all the things I need, I then go to the check out and my carer helps me pack the food into bags and I pay by using my debit card. I struggle to put in my  pin number as I cannot see it, but I feel where the numbers are on the keypad to achieve this. Once shopping task is completed we then make our way back to the car load up and home we go to put the food away.

My other shopping trip is walking around the main shopping centre in the city where I like to stop to have a cup of coffee. During this time we sit and talk about the things I have seen, purchased and liked. I always enjoy going shopping with the help of my carer because I cannot do it on my own due to my disability.”