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Self Care Week 2015 – Marshall’s story

Self Care Week takes place between the 16th – 22nd November 2015 and has the theme ‘Self Care for Life.’

Self Care Week is a yearly campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of self care and what people can do to take better care of their own health and well being. The point of the campaign is to promote and encourage more self care across communities, families and generations. About Me supports people to become more independent and in turn help their health and well being.

Marshall has a combined sight and hearing loss which was largely undiagnosed. He also has additional mental health needs. He wanted to make the move from a secure and locked unit in London, where he had been placed for over two years, to a specialist independent living service for deafblind people in Peterborough called Rainbow Court. This was a big move!

Marshall initially required a high level of support during the day and night but over time, with intensive communication support, this reduced to a few hours every day. Marshall is able to take care of himself much more now, making positive choices, which means he remains in a stable home and is less reliant on NHS mental health services. This is his recent story………..

I was up early ready for my day out to London at the Notting Hill Carnival. I had been up since 7am. I was very happy and excited.


I dressed in my new clothes also including the colours of my country of origin (Dominica) and waited for my support workers to arrive.

We travelled by train to London and when we arrived you could hear the music from the steel drums and banjo’s playing.

We stood watching the dancers and the floats going past, they were really brightly coloured and the costumes were great and there were people on stilts. I was enjoying myself dancing away.

I had my photograph taken with one of the dancers who was dressed in a bright costume.

Whilst I was watching the procession some old friends of mine came and spoke to me. I hadn’t seen them for a long time (9 years) and we hadn’t arranged to meet up with them – it was really great to see them.

I also met another friend who was running one of the music stands that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

I had lunch with my friends and there were lots of different food stands to choose from. The smell of the different foods was really great. I chose Ackee and salt fish with rice from one of the stalls.

I had a great day and couldn’t stop smiling all day.