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Margaret’s Story

Margaret is in her late 80’s and for many years, she has lived in the heart of the West End. She has age-related macular degeneration and wears hearing aids in both ears. Margaret has been a very active person in her young days. She enjoyed sport, and certainly knows her way around the West End even though she cannot see street names and bus numbers very easily.

Margaret’s main problems relate to her sight and hearing loss. She has to attend eye hospital and low vision aid clinics as well as optometrist appointments. She also attends hearing appointments and has to have her hearing aids maintained. Notification of these come in by post and are sometimes backed up by a phone call. Margaret struggles to read even large print, and she finds it difficult to hear on the phone. If she writes down a message, she finds it hard to read it back. All this comes on top of the usual communication that we all receive: telephone bills, gas and electricity bills, and appointments for servicing and maintaining equipment that any of us might have in our homes.

Margaret finds it helpful to have a Support Worker from About Me who can sort out her post, file papers, make phone calls, and accompany her to appointments which might otherwise be difficult to get to on her own. There is the social side as well. Margaret’s Support Worker accompanies her on walks to local places of interest, and the two of them can share experiences in a way that makes life more enjoyable.